About WOW Club

WOW Club (formerly known as AWE-Association for Woolworths Employees) is a member organisation that is passionate about bringing more saving and more fun!

WOW Club opens up a world of entertainment and lifestyle opportunities for you, your friends and family.

At WOW Club we offer our members a one-stop shop for awesome savings and experiences on a range of attractions, lifestyle experiences, entertainment, movies, travel, accommodation and gifts.

Past Woolworths Group Limited team members(employed for a minimum of twelve months) and Woolworths Division employees who don't use Success Factors are eligible  as WOW Club Community members.

In early 2015 we asked AWE members what they loved about us and what we could do better to serve the Woolworths community. Members leaped at the opportunity to voice their opinion; we received a high level of response rates, the results echoed that members want more savings and more fun, so we've brought the WOW factor!

WOW CLUB Membership Benefits

What are the benefits from joining WOW Club?

WOW CLub Food

Hundreds of excellent offers and savings available exclusively to WOW Club members

WOW CLub Tickets

One-stop shop for exceptional savings on tickets to top Australian attractions, entertainment, movies, lifestyle, experiences, travel, accommodation and gifts.

WOW CLub Sports

Your WOW Club membership provides your access to our excellent savings and offers - never miss out again!

WOW CLub Concerts

Get access to big name concerts. Watch the savings stack up – over the course of the year see the cost of your membership repay itself as you access discounts to the hottest tickets in town!

WOW CLub Gifts

Share the love – WOW Club provides savings for you and your family – every day!

WOW CLub Experience
Enjoy WOW Club Experiences for unforgettable memories!
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