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WOW Club previously known as Association of Woolworths (AWE) is a Non-For-Profit member organisation owned and run by Woolworths Team Members. 

Available exclusively to Woolworths Group People, we are passionate about rewarding team members for their hard work and committment with offers and big savings on over 300 products across a range of attractions, lifestyle experiences, entertainment, movies, travel, accommodation and gifts!

Become a GOLD WOW Club Member and receive the majority of your membership cost as WOW Club Dollars!

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 WOW CLUB Membership Benefits

So you're looking for a club that gives more? We bring you More Savings, More Fun. 

WOW CLub Tickets

Hundreds of excellent offers and savings available exclusively to WOW Club members

WOW CLub Sports

One-stop shop for stand out savings on tickets to top Australian attractions, entertainment, movies, lifestyle, experiences, travel, accommodation and gifts

WOW CLub Food

Your WOW Club membership provides your access to our excellent savings and offers - never miss out again!

WOW CLub Concerts

Get access to big name concerts. Watch the savings stack up – over the course of the year see the cost of your membership repay itself as you access discounts to the hottest tickets in town!

WOW CLub Gifts

Give the best gifts – WOW Club provides a huge selection of gift ideas, perfect for all ages!

WOW CLub Experience

WOW Club Experience coming soon!

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