Reward Program Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions of Rewards Program


These terms and conditions are for the WOW Club Rewards Program and explain how you can earn and redeem WOW Club Dollars as a Member.


Your participation in the Rewards Program will be governed by these terms and conditions.


By participating in the Rewards Program, you agree that you have read, understood and accept these terms and conditions.

1                 Eligibility

1.1             Who may participate in the Rewards Program?

Members who have a valid and current WOW Club user identification number and password may participate in the Rewards Program.

2                 How does the Rewards Program work?

2.1             Types of Membership

Depending on the number of Status Points accumulated, Members will be classified into one of four Membership Levels.

The Membership Levels with the corresponding Status Points required to attain that Membership Level are provided in the table below.



Status Points










2.2             Earning Status Points

Status Points are the sum of a Member’s number of Qualifying Anniversary Years and Successful Referrals.



If Joe has 3 Qualifying Anniversary Years and 1 Successful Referral, he will have accumulated 4 Status Points and attained Bronze Membership.


2.3             WOW Club Dollars

With effect from the Effective Date, Members will earn WOW Club Dollars upon each Anniversary and Successful Referral.

The table below sets out the amount of WOW Club Dollars a Member will receive at each Membership Level.



WOW Club Dollars

Per Anniversary

Per Successful Referral















Using the above example, if Joe is a Bronze Member, he will receive 20 WOW Club Dollars per Anniversary and 15 WOW Club Dollars per Successful Referral.

3                 Referrals

3.1             What is a Successful Referral?

Members may refer eligible persons to join WOW Club (Eligible Person).

For the purposes of these terms, a referral will be deemed to be a Successful Referral if, the Eligible Person:

(a)               submits an application to join WOW Club through a Member’s Referral Link or the Eligible Person identifies the Member as a referrer at the time of completing their application to the satisfaction of WOW Club;

(b)               has their application for Membership accepted by WOW Club;

(c)               has paid any outstanding Membership fees in full;

(d)               remains a Member for a period of no less than three consecutive months from the date their application was accepted by WOW Club (Qualifying Period); and

(e)               has not previously been a Member at any time in the preceding 12 months from the date of they submit their application.

3.2             Status Points and WOW Club Dollars

(a)               Upon a Successful Referral, a Member will be credited with the applicable amount of WOW Club Dollars and Status Points no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the Qualifying Period.

(b)               The amount of WOW Club Dollars applicable to a Successful Referral will be determined by the Membership Level of the Member at the time the referral is made.

4                 Use of WOW Club Dollars

4.1             Redemption

Members may redeem WOW Club Dollars for credit against Eligible Goods and Services purchased through the Website at the Exchange Rate.

4.2             Expiry

WOW Club Dollars must be used within 12 months from the date that they are credited to a Member’s account after which time they will expire.

If you cease to become a Member at any time, you will forfeit any outstanding WOW Club Dollars.

4.3             Refunds and Returns

In the event that a Member obtains a refund in respect of an Eligible Good or Service in which the Member purchased in whole or part using WOW Club Dollars, the Member’s account will be credited with the amount of WOW Club Dollars used and the balance (if any) will refunded in a manner consistent with the original payment method (eg: to a credit card the payment was originally deducted from).

Any WOW Club Dollars credited under this clause 4.3 will expire 12 months from the date of credit.

5                 Can I transfer my Status Points or WOW Club Dollars?

Status Points and WOW Club Dollars are non-transferrable.

6                 Changes to the terms of the Rewards Program

WOW Club provides no warranty as to the continuing availability of the Rewards Program.

If reasonably necessary for business reasons, WOW Club may, at any time, and without notice, vary, suspend or cancel the Rewards Program.

If the Rewards Program is cancelled in accordance with this clause 7, the balance of any WOW Club Dollars held by Members will be forfeited.

7                 No monetary value

You acknowledge and agree that WOW Club Dollars themselves do not have any monetary value.

8                 Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, WOW Club is not liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss you may suffer in connection with:

(a)             the operation of the Rewards Program; and

(b)             any unredeemed WOW Club Dollars in the event that the Rewards Program is suspended, varied or cancelled.

9                 Glossary

The following words have the following meanings in these terms and conditions:

Anniversary means a consecutive period of 12 months during which a Member’s Membership remains current.

Board means the board of directors of WOW Club.

Effective Date means 1 July 2016.

Eligible Goods and Services means those goods and services nominated by WOW Club from time to time as eligible goods and services for the purpose of the Rewards Program.

Exchange Rate means 1 WOW Club Dollar per AUD$1.00 or such other rate as nominated from time to time by the Board.

Member means a valid member of WOW Club in accordance with the terms and conditions of Membership available at and Membership has the corresponding meaning.

Membership Level means the levels of Membership applicable to the Rewards Program set out in clause 2.1.

Qualifying Anniversary Years means the number of consecutive years a person has been a Member since 2007.

Referral Link means a unique web-portal link, made available by WOW Club exclusively to each Member for the Member’s use in connection with referring Eligible Persons to WOW Club.

Rewards Program means the rewards program operated by WOW Club in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Status Points means the points accumulated by a Member and used to determine a Member’s Membership Level.

Successful Referral occurs when an Eligible Person becomes a Member as a direct result of a referral by an existing Member and the criteria in clause 3.1 has been satisfied.

Woolworths means Woolworths Group Limited ABN 88 000 014 675.

WOW Club means WOW Club Limited ACN 164 676 242.

WOW Club Dollars means WOW Club Dollars earned and capable of redemption by Members for credit against Eligible Goods and Services at the Exchange Rate.

Website means the website(s) operated by WOW Club and nominated to Members from time to time, and as at the date of these terms, is accessible at



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