WOW Club for Stores

WOW Club offers more than just savings and fun to our Woolworths Group Limited team members.

Store Managers can exclusively access WOW Club Flowers & Gifts, WOW Club Incentives and WOW Club Store Orders.

WOW Club Flowers & Gifts

WOW Club Flowers & Gifts

As a community organisation, WOW Club strives to cultivate a caring family among members and part of that is to recognise and celebrate momentous occasions and milestones. As a benefit of your membership you can order and receive flowers or gifts for the birth of a child, in sympathy or as a get well soon gift.

These beautiful bouquets or gifts are delivered directly to WOW Club members with a personalised message. All free and part of your membership.

If you are a team member you will need to gain a signature from your Store Manager to approve the order. As a Store Manager you can order WOW Club Flowers & Gifts for members directly.

To order WOW Club Flowers complete the order form and fax it to (02) 8888 0555.

WOW Club Incentives

WOW Club Incentives

WOW Club StoreOrders

We all love going to see a movie and one of the most popular sellers at WOW Club is our discount cinema tickets. WOW Club partners with Hoyts, Event Cinemas, Village Cinemas and many smaller local movie theatres.

As a Store Manager you can order bulk discounted movie tickets and sell these direct to your team who are WOW Club members. It’s a great added benefit of being part of your store team and is an easy and quick way for your team to get great savings when going to the movies.

Buy bulk discounted movie tickets now!
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